Earthquake Report

Every day many earthquakes occur in the world. But you get to know about them in news only thoseearthquakes which have value 5 to 7 or higher than that but what about the other earthquakes which areoccurring in every hour. The case study I have chosen for this project is about earthquakes occurring inthe world. In this application, you can see earthquakes of 1 to 7+ magnitude from all over the world. Forthat reason, I have explored the play store to get the design ideas and find the limitations in the existingapplications. I have developed the application by implementing the usability heuristic steps of JakobNielsen (Nielson, 2006).According to Moon Technolabs, currently, the most popular mobile operating systems are Android andiOS. But Android has more market share and users as compared to iOS. In this article, they claimAndroid dominates the market with a whopping 87%, while iOS comes at a distant second at 12%(Moon Technolabs, 2017). Figure 1 depicts geography distribution of Android and iOS. The reason isnot just Android OS belongs to Google. It is entirely Linux based and partly open source and manycompanies like Google Pixel, LG, Samsung, Sony Xperia, and HTC etc. are customizing it and earninga huge amount.Earthquake Network is a top-rated application in the play store with 4.5 average stars and with 29,775+responses. This application developer claimed that Earthquake Network is the most comprehensiveapplication on earthquakes and only works with time alerts (Francesco Finazzi News & Magazines,2014). This application includes automatic emails and SMS sending facility as compared to othermentioned applications. This application includes chatroom facility for exchanging information duringan earthquake emergency. It also includes earthquake visualization with augmented reality.Earthquake Alert is a very famous application with average 4.3 stars and with 23314+ responses (Clemm,2017). This application shows the latest earthquakes on a map, news related to earthquakes and statisticsof earthquakes. This application is getting the data from USGS website It has acouple of features such as time, magnitude and location filters, sharing and related news.Latest Quakes is also simple design optimized for the latest version for android application.It also has 4.2 average rated with 2500+ responses (Software, 2017). It also shows theearthquakes data from all over the world, but it also includes push alerts for the user.There are many other applications related to earthquakes which are much interactive butproviding limited features. It can be seen in the above-mentioned application which has gotbeautiful interfaces, but less information and functionality provided to the user to interactwith an application such as Latest Quakes. One of the application is providing valuable databut not completely following the material design patterns. The application interfaces stylesare outdated and mostly are not following the material designed guidelines and patterns suchas Earthquake Network. This is the best example to evaluate with Neilson heuristic steps.This application is providing many functional features, but its color scheme is not catchy andits design layout is also over layered.
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.0.3 and up