Welcome to The Views News, a whole new way to interact with the news in our fast paced world. Tune your interests so that you can see the news articles based on your interests. However, Views isn't just another news reading application. We pride ourselves on our Community- a platform where you, our most valued members, can share your opinions about the news with no fear of being attacked for you views. What are you waiting for? Download one of the best news application now! Or keep reading to see what makes Views the greatest!Clean, Modern Design:We believe in delivering the best viewing experience. This is why we have ZERO ADS! More importantly, we believe that good design is the most important feature of any successful app. You are always guaranteed the best experience possible!Blazing Fast Speed:Speaking of experience, we know how slow apps can cause frustration. Its why we built Views to be as FAST as possible. Starting with the Today tab, you can blaze through the top headlines. Tap a card to read the full article or bookmark the article for a later time! But that's not all you can do with articles...Meet Felicity:Felicity is your smart assistant developed to help you search more than 200 news sources for anything within the past week! Accessible from the home screen with 3D Touch, Felicity can present all the articles about any subject instantly! What's cooler is Felicity isn't just another tool. With deeply integrated Artificial Intelligence code, she can make your life much easier.For example, you come across the latest Facebook scandal and the news article has paragraphs and paragraphs to describe this event. Your'e a busy person! Who has time to read all that?! Now you can, with Felicity. She can SUMMARIZE whole paragraphs of news articles into simple sentences so you can get the gist of what's going on. How cool is that?Views Community:The goal of the Community is simple: a platform where people can come together as one, irrespective of their differences, and engage in a thoughtful discussion about controversial news articles where both parties can leave learning something new! Write op-eds and share your views with the rest of the world. Don't hesitate to take a stand since the Community is heavily monitored and only comments which push the debate in a healthy manner will be allowed. Memes, trolls, and bots are 100% prohibited.-------------------------------There's a lot of noise in today's social medias and it can be hard to determine what's true and what's fake. We decided we had enough of the shouting matches online so we decided to build a place for people to have smart discussions on the latest news.In a world where the news we receive can be questionable and sometimes opposing, Views wants to present everything with beautiful clarity to remind you that despite the small setbacks this world may have, everything gets better!
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV.