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An RSS reader for both pro and amateur wrestling news sites.With over 19,000 downloads, the Wrestling News app is the place to go for all your wrestling news needs!**Warning: Some of these feeds may not work with older versions of Android**If you like the new version, please consider leaving a good reviewNew in version 3:- New GUI using the action bar for better support of newer versions of Android.- Users of older versions of Android can still access the settings through the menu button.- More room to view article lists, descriptions and the actual articles themselves.- Ability to share articles via your other applications through the action bar- Security enhancements- Ability to view article images int he summary view, when they are available- Ability to change device orientation without reloading the article- Current Feeds:Lords of PainPWInsiderWrestling IncProWrestling.netRajahIndianaMat.comWrestling OnlineWrestling News WorldSEScoopsWrestleNewz2XZONEWrestle ZoneNoDQNor Cal Wrestling MattersIf you'd like any other news feeds, or have any suggestions, please email me.Special thanks to Elysha Pearlman for the graphic artistry!
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