Marin IJ.Printed on your Android tablet.e-Edition keeps the Marin IJ at your fingertips, with every article and picture intact - even the funnies. And our Android tablet version delivers all the content with a faster, simpler interface:* World-class national and global news, plus in-depth local coverage from the Marin IJ newsroom.* Entertainment with the latest on movies, music, dining and other great stuff to see and do.* On-the-money Business news, an all-star Sports section and much more.* Razor-sharp views of every word, photo and image exactly as it appears in print.* Streamlined navigation for readers on the go: Flip pages, zoom on articles, rotate to landscape mode.* Tap any article with two fingers to convert to full-screen text.* Includes archive access to every issue published in the past 30 days.============This latest update contains more bug fixes and performance enhancements:** Fixed partial white page issue when flipping through pages.** Fixed bug preventing the display of external URL links.** Fixed bug with playback of YouTube videos.** Added support for different iOS and Android PressPlus information in the same configuration file.** A message is now displayed at startup when the user is connected to wifi but has no actual internet connection.** Updated article mode indexes and article display to be more readable and usable on all screens.** Fixed option page Clear Storage button behavior.** Fixed various bugs related to KitKat version of Android
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