Me & My Wedding E-Magazines

Of course, for all our love of print, we're also a bunch of tech nuts with a serious scrolling habit. We also like to read online. So welcome to Me & My Wedding Digital: our very first free, browser-based Weekly Magazine. We think we've finally created a hybrid that combines the beauty, coherence and perspective of a weekly print mag with all the timeliness, accessibility and interactivity of an online one.We hope you agree.We consider it as our mission to uncover each month's most unique and diverse fashion, culture and opinions - the stuff that you simply won't find in the big mag brands. There are more things to come with Me & My Wedding, as we literally just got started.Don't lose touch, get all of the updates when you download our App. It contains all our Digital Magazines and Catalogs, which you can download or read online.FEATURES:- E - Magazines Read Online or Download- E - Catalogs Read Online or Download- Favorite list of your E-Mags or Catalogs
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