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Welcome to News World :- News Around the worldNews World is a news app that selects latest and best news from multiple national and international sources. All summarised stories contain only headlines and facts, no opinions, to help you stay informed of the current affairs.Features of News World- PERSONALIZE: App learns as you read, personalizing your news experience automatically.- AGGREGATE: Access news you're interested in from thousands of carefully curated International websites and newspapers.- NEWS CATEGORIES: We have all types of news and headlines from categories likePolitical NewsEntertainment NewsBusiness NewsTechnology NewsIndian NewsNature NewsSports NewsMtv News.You can Like & Follow us on FacebookFacebook link :- https://www.facebook.com/jrNewsWorldor search @jrNewsWorld on facebookAlso Trends for :-- Latest News- World News- Internation News- Current Affaires- hollywood News- Bollywood News- News App- Technology News- Science News- Nature News- Indian News- US News- English News- All Country News- Entertainment News- Live News- News Book- News in Hands
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