Urdu Calendar 2018

Islamic calendar is consisting of 12 months in a year of 355 days which is used mostly in Muslim countries and west regions where Muslims have been living to celebrate Islamic festivals, Offer Hajj, Observe the fasting in Ramdan and other Islamic events in different months of Hijri Calendar in year.Urdu calendar is very useful app for our Islamic and Muslim community to determine the proper days of all islamic months 2018. It contain all islamic months with specific information. It also have following months:1: Muharram2: Safar3: Rabiul-Awwal4: Rabi-uthani5: Jumadi-ul-Awwal6: Jumadi-uthani7: Rajab8: Sha'ban9: Ramadan10:Shawwal11:Zhul-Q'ada12:Zhul-HijjaIslamic calendar contains all 12 months of year 2018:JanuaryFeburaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberWorth knowing features of urdu calendar app are:-Decent layout-Attractive Layout Design-User Friendly-Easy navigation through pages-Handy zoom in and zoom out-Easy install and uninstall-Share with friendsIf you like islamic calender app please do share it with your friendsand mostly important give 5 star review on it.ThanksKeywords:Islamic calendar,islamic calender,Muslim calendar 2018Hijri calendar,urdu calender 2018Islamic, Muslim, or Hijri calendarat-taqwim al-hijriGregorian calendarIslamic holidaysMecca.HijriIslamic New Year 2018Happy New year 2018Gregorian Calendar 2018MonthsJanuary: (, J)February: (, F)March: (, M)April: (, A)May: (, M)June: (, J)July: (, J)August: (, A)September: (, S)October: (, O)November: (, N)December: (, D)DaysSunday: (, S)Monday: (, M)Tuesday: (, T)Wednesday: (, W)Thursday: (, T)Friday: (, F)Saturday: (, S)Islamic CalendarMonthsal-Muharram:Safar:Rabi al-Awwal:Rabi al-Thani:Jumada al-Ula:Jumada al-Thaniya:Rajab:Shaban:Ramadan:Shawwal:Dhu al-Qada:Dhu al-Hijja:MUHARRAMSAFARRABI' al-AWWALRAJABSHA'ABANRAMADANEIDDUL HIJJAHDownload urdu calendar, islamic calendar 2018 app now.Jazak Allah.
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