Special recommendations for Google Play editing in 135 countries Podcast Player: Best Practices for All Podcasts and RadioWe offer everything you want for free. podcast type 340,000 free podcastEducation Podcasts - Top education podcasts such as Ted Talks help you better understand technology, psychology and history.News podcasts - full real-time news coverage, radio resources from the BBC and media around the world.Music Podcasts - shortcuts to famous radio and FM channel free songs, including a variety of classic piano music and modern guitar music.Comedy podcasts - funny audio and video, such as talk show, no nonsense joke to help you decompression.Interested podcasts - Learn about your daily horoscope, track the latest fashion news, get the hottest game information, everything here!Religious and Spiritual Podcasts - For better sleep, you can immerse yourself in bedtime Bible stories, Buddhist meditation and Islamic audio.Children and family podcasts - here, there are bedtime stories and audiobooks for kids. Family happy time, accompanied by fairy tales and fables. 70,000 different categories of free radio stationsPop music - including pop music, casual music, art and music, and so on. Such as the joy of the choir radio, music and songs from the famous TV show.Rock music radio - such as .977 popular radio and hot quotations, including all you want to chase the hot song!Country music radio - country music, blue grass music, including Kickin 'Country and Front Porch. Your music defines your lifestyle!Electronic music radio - fanatical electronic paradise to meet your love for electronic music hi turn,International Music Radio - top radio from different languages in different countries, such as Padova Radio's Italian song, Panda FM's Spanish song.Other well-known radio stations cover jazz, country music, rap, rhythm and blues, classical music, dance and Christmas songs. In addition, we also have atmosphere music, independent music, hot music and nostalgic music. Podcast Player 10 features1. Discover and subscribe to 340,000+ podcasts and listen for 70,000+ radio stations for free.340,000+ podcasts are divided into 16 categories, and everyone can find his / her favorite podcast. The radio includes free music for various types, country and language.2. Podcasts and broadcasts from 30+ countries and languages.Gathered around the world famous podcasts and radio: for foreign podcasts / radios, just click on the top right corner of the page to find the country.3. Free download your favorite podcastsDownload your favorite podcast Player podcast without any additional cost and limitation.4. Use multiple plug-ins to manipulate playbackUse widgets, notification centers, lock screens, headphones and Bluetooth to control your podcasts or broadcasts.5. Customize your own playlistCreate a custom playlist for different scenes and emotions.6. Support OPML import / exportEasily transfer podcasts from iOS devices and mainstream RSS readers.7. Share podcast with your friendsPodcasts are shared and shared with your friends.8. Switch between bright / dark themesThere are bright / dark themes for you to choose perfectly to your current environment and mood.9. Set the sleep timerSet the sleep timer in units of seconds per minute per hour according to your needs, or set up the vibrating alarm clock.
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