Purple Patriot

Purple patriot is a simple way to actively participate and shape government. It is easy to keep updated on important social issues, such as Health Care Reform or Voter Rights, and the legislation associated with the issues. It prompts you to take action, as bills are introduced, scheduled, debated and voted on in Congress. With a simple tap, your opinion is sent via a Tweet, Facebook Post, or a Call to your legislators. It also connects you with local gatherings such as townhalls or rallies which are happening near you. Purple Patriot unites our Voices around the issues that matter. Voice1 tap tweet, facebook and call to your local representatives to tell them your opinion on a specific bill or issue. GatherKnow all the townhalls, office hours, rallies and marches planned in your areas. DonateConnect with the associations that support your issues. Red Hot Top issues being discussed and debated. Proposed legislation is linked to the Issues. Follow all the updates on Issues that are important to you by tapping on the follow icon. Latest In Congress Daily activities of legislation Introduced, Scheduled, Debated and Voted on in Congress. My Bills and Executive OrdersFor those who want it to dig into the details My Bill and Executive Orders provide the details of each piece of legislation. From bill sponsors to the exact text of the bill and a full history of where each bill stands in the congressional or legal process.
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