Diariosonline RSS reader (looping display of RSS) it comes with loaded news sources that could be replaced for those of your interest. Sliding horizontally you access to settings to pick color for each of 4 parts of the display. Inserting news sources get saved and loaded pressing enter key at end. Sliding vertically allows you going trough news items. Do a double touch upper left side corner to access the description news Up arrow takes to an external browser view. In the upper of display you could see how many news are loaded and visualize each source by their url. Several square buttons indicate how many sources loaded, and touching them you could jump between. One horizontal slider is to control speed of displaying, being the top left the slowest selection. The another slider serves to control how often doing an automatic refresh/reload to catch the latest news. Being the top left position of this slider equal to reload at the finish.
Price USD 1
License Purchase
Version 1.037
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 4.1