GeoTremor Earthquake Alert Pro

GeoTremor gets data from the USGS and displays it in ways to make it easy to understand from the comfort of your phone or tablet. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++In addition to the features below that are available in the free app, the pro version also has the following features: NO ADS- Volcano location layer on maps with details- "Near Me" section that shows quakes in your area based on your notification settings- Earthquake news+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Key Features- Clean, easy to use graphical interface with color coded information and explanations of terms. Customizable Notifications of quakes near you, including how far away. Notifications of global significant quakes- Customizable list of quakes with sorting and filtering options- Quake information includes alert colors, fatality and economic damage estimates when provided- Alerts page showing recent important quakes- Charts showing over 15 different bar and scatter plot charts displaying your quake information in different ways. Global map with tectonic plate lines with 5 different map layouts- Preparation section on how to prepare for before, during and after a quake- Create Groups to track earthquakes over time in a specific areaAdditional Features and Details: Quake distance from your location displayed- Social Sharing features- Custom set main list magnitude values from 1.0+, 2.5+, 4.5+ and significant values- Custom set main list time frame from last hour, day, week or month- Filter main list by any values, use multiple filters, and save default filters- Sort main list by any value. Click on terms for detailed explanation- Get maps and details for individual events- Set time in your local format or UTC- Select between miles and kilometers- Full scalable world map showing main list events, color coded alert values, and approximate scale of the event. Map has tool tip pop-ups with event information when selected. Major tectonic plate lines in all maps- Select between different maps (street or topographical) - Over 15 different bar and scatter plot charts displaying main list information, visualizing multiple data points concurrently. Charts can be filtered on the fly- Charts also have detailed pop-ups of data points on the graph. Alerts display recent significant earthquakes, and will show you when new ones have occurred since the last time you used the app. Groups: Custom set groups by radius, magnitude, and time frame that are saved in the app. Each group set has all the same features as the main list that can be viewed individually for each group. New events since the last time you opened the app are displayed, so you can see when something new happens- You can go back and edit or remove them later. Note: When an earthquake happens, the data has to be received by the USGS, the data is then analyzed and then released to the public. This process does take some time, and it is outside of our control. Once it's released to the public, the notification is sent out within about 5 minutes.
Operating System Android