FanBoy News: Superhero/Gaming

Want the latest news in comics, gaming, TV, movies and all things Superhero? Look no further. The all new FanBoy News app is here: is the most simple way to access entertainment news from various categories on your Android phone. Just install & start it to read what really matters. It has a very simplistic interface to give you direct access to news rather than taking you through complicated menus. Main features: Quick access to SuperHero news. FanBoy News is an easy way to access the latest and most popular news in various entertainment categories, from gaming to movies. Multiple news categories. By default you'll see a hybrid pick of various news, but with a simple tap you can filter between Gaming, Comics, Movies and TV news. Search for news. If you are interested in a particular topic simply search for it and FanBoy News will deliver all news matching your query. Easily share news. A true FanBoy always shares what's important. This app gives you quick access to do that, just choose a channel and tap to share it with others. We're Red 5 Apps, an app development studio that strives to deliver quality content with simplified user experience. We believe FanBoy is a testimony to that. Superheros- Comics- Gaming- TV- Movie.
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