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Get Scientific American's award winning scientist-authored content on your Android phone or tablet. As the leading authority on science, technology, and innovation, Scientific American's content aims to engage, educate and inspire current and future generations of curious citizens and public and private sector leaders. Current subscribers - If you already purchased a digital or print+digital subscription, access to issues in our app is included. In the app, go to "My Account" and log in using your account information to verify your subscription. After you are logged in, any issues that you have access to will have a "Download" or "Free" label. For those without an existing subscription - The app is available to download for free and has free issues for you to try. An annual (app only) subscription is available for $34. 99 and is renewed automatically at the end of the subscription term, until cancelled. Individual issues are available at $6. 99 each. Purchases can be made through the app and will be charged to your Google Play account. If you have questions about your Scientific American Subscription Plans or if you would like to upgrade your current subscription to include access to issues through our app, please contact customer service. Scientific American Customer Service: Email: mobile@sciam.comPhone: 800-333-1199.
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