TIK w Edukacji

ICT in Education is a magazine about the use of ICT in school. It was created in response to the growing demand of the teachers at the specialist knowledge of information, given in an accessible way. "ICT in Education" is a letter addressed to the heads of schools and teachers interested in introducing modern technology into their daily work. The recipients of the quarterly are also guardians of computer labs and administrators, employees, methodological -szkoleniowych centers for teachers and officials connected with education. The authors in an accessible and practical way to present solutions that increase the attractiveness of courses with students. They suggest, as during lessons use educational applications, mobile devices, online resources and social networks. Editorial advice on how to select and configure IT equipment to schools, and explores themes related to the management of the school network and data security. The quarterly are also described implementation of IT in education, which should emulate. Our letter is a perfect place for the presentation of IT solutions for schools and the ability to reach directly to the people responsible for the development and implementation of modern technologies in education, are difficult to reach through the mass media. Under the brand name "ICT in Education" is organized periodically the most modern and innovative conference addressed to all teachers and school principals in the country - NATIONAL MEETING OF INNOVATIVE TEACHERS AND DIRECTORS. It is the best source of information about modern and unconventional solutions for education. During the two-day meeting held lectures by practitioners - most creative and innovative teachers - as well as workshops, which are a great source of inspiration and methods of conducting lessons. Available in 6-month subscription for 22. 99 euros and 12 months for the price of 45. 99 euros. After completion of the subscription will be automatically renewed for a further period.
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