RSS Reader: NewsCracker

The NewsCracker application is designed for quick and easy news reading from your favorite siteswithout the Internet connection and online services. You need only to specify the site or news topic for looking and enjoy of reading news without annoying ads and long loads anywhere anytime. Main functions: 1. Full text news articles downloading and reading it without the Internet. 2. Automatic and manual synchronization. 3. Custom filtering news lookup by keywords. 4. Hide readed news and the ability to make it favorite. 5. Dark and light themes - easy reading for your eyes. 6. Ability to download any pictures from news into your device. 7. OPML and JSON feed export/import. 8. Ability to view news with volume buttons in full-screen mode. and etc. This program is not contain ads, since nothing should distract you from reading your news. So you can donate to the development app as much as you see fit: by buy key in market or contact with us by the email.
Operating System Android