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DotNews is your place to keep up with the world. From breaking news to in-depth coverage, you can always find the latest stories and information on sports, weather, business, entertainment, politics, health, technology, auto, education, pop culture, and more. DotNews also features the hottest and most talked-about content, so you can lead the conversation by sharing today's news with your friends. DotNews is a whole new way to connect people to information. It collects the latest news content from world class publications like CNN News, AOL News, NYTimes, The Huffington Post, Fox News, The Washington Post, USA Today, CNET, Business Insider, Forbes, Bloomberg, NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, as well as thousands of local and national news. The more you use this app, the better it will get to know you and show you the things you like most. FEATURES: Never get bored again with a comprehensive mix of breaking news, top stories and interesting topics like entertainment, business, lifestyle, technology, health, political, and more. Always get the freshest and live news. We update 24/7 with zero delay. Select personalized reading categories and get recommendation from "For you" section. Show you the most interesting news by analyzing your reading preference and habits. One tap to share stories with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. Download the news on your mobile for offline reading. Bookmark the news and read them later. Night mode creates awesome experience for night reading. Download DotNews and start reading today--it's free. Any questions or feedback on the DotNews App? Email us at dotnewsapp@gmail.com with your suggestions on how we can create the best possible experience for you.
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