Padre Pio TV is a broadcasting station belonging to the Capuchin Friars Minor, whose aim is to spread the Gospel through the teachings and the example of life of one of the most known and most invoked saints in the world. Live broadcasts include the main celebrations which take place in the shrine of San Giovanni Rotondo, religious teachings, the Angelus, celebrations of Pope Francis as well as select activities of the Holy See and of the Bishops. The channel features messages and sermons contained in the Letters of Padre Pio, the Gospel and the Catholic Church. Padre Pio TV began in 1987 as a radio station founded by fr. Francesco Colacelli OFM Cap. In 2001, it started its activity locally. In 2003, Padre Pio TV began to broadcast its signal in all of Europe and the Mediterranean. In December 2007 the channel was broadcasted for the first time via satellite in North America and at present Padre Pio TV can be watched all over the world via IPTV. The subscription proposed in the application gives access to one channel Padre Pio TV for (optional) : A period of one month to 0. 89 â?¬- A 12-month period to 8. 99 â?¬The user can read our privacy policy and our terms and conditions here: http://www.teleradiopadrepio. it/interna. php? bread=Privacy&inc=privacy&t=PrivacyWarning: Padre Pio TV invites Padre Pio TV application users to check, with their Telecom Operator/Provider, the most suited data package offer to their uses in order to avoid an excessive billingContent is in italian.
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