A bright RSS reader for iPhone that'll notify you with breaking news.Why Readery?Readery is a bright RSS reader designed for us who wants to stay updated in a fast-paced world. Here is how Readery is different.No old newsMost RSS readers constantly remind us of our failure of reading everything by counting every single article we didn't have time to look at, resulting in old news piling up and making you feel behind. That's not how Readery works. Readery will automatically fetch new articles for you and always store only a thousand articles. Plenty for you to be entertained, and you will never have to "mark all as read" again.Pick up where you leftWe don't often find ourselves in an armchair with plenty of time to read a news paper throughout. We check the news when we are waiting for the coffee to brew, the train to arrive, the pizza to be ready, and we might as well admit it: we even check the news in the bathroom. Readery is carefully crafted, so that you can always leave the app and pick up where you left later. So when you mom calls, there is no excuses. Just pick it up!Get all angles on a storyYou have probably subscribed to a lot of feeds. And when something big happens, chances are that they will all have an article about it. Readery is designed to get an overview of all the angles of a story, so you can choose to read everything or just pick your favourite feed. Readery uses a custom made clustering algorithm to find and group similar stories together, so when your scroll through the list of articles you can easily see who writes about the same story. And you can easily skip the ones your are not interested in.Get notifications when news break or words are mentionedWe all like to know when big news break. But we also have very specific areas of interests. Readery lets you turn on notifications when a number of news media write about the same topic. And at the same time you can define words and phrases which will trigger a notification, when they are mentioned.Supported Services- Feedly- Feedbin- The Old ReaderYou can also use Readery without syncing with a third party service. Just skip the setup and start adding feeds directly in the app.The other stuff that makes Readery special- Readery gives you the option to ignore articles based on words or phrases.- Scrolling through articles has never felt more vibrant with high res thumbnails and subtle tilting animations.- Is the RSS business new for you? Readery lets you add a selection of popular feeds in just a few taps, so you don't have to worry about syncing with third party services or finding the feeds yourself.
File Size25.64 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.