Wprost Kiosk

WPROST KIOSK integrates all titles published by Platforma Mediowa Point Group into one app. Apart from the WPROST weekly, readers now have access to opinion weekly called DO RZECZY, monthly Historia Do Rzeczy, WPROST BIZNES as well as special editions of all these titles and archive issues of FILM. WPROST, DO RZECZY and HISTORIA DO RZECZY are available as single issues and in subscription. WPROST and DO RZECZY can be purchased in a monthly and annual subscription. The price of a single issue in subscription is lower than the one bought separately. WPROST is one of the most influential weekly news magazines in Poland. It is published by Agencja Wydawniczo-Reklamowa WPROST. The editor in chief of the WPROST weekly is Sylwester Latkowski, one of the best known Polish journalists. The first issue of WPROST came out on 5 December 1982. It was then published in Poznan and tackled mainly regional matters. In 1989 WPROST became a national magazine, gaining new readers and the position of the biggest opinion weekly in Poland. In terms of popularity in Poland, the magazine enjoys reputation comparable with that of The Economist or Time. DO RZECZY is headed by Pawel Lisicki. The first issue came out on 25 January 2013. The magazine is both conservative and liberal It is conservative, because it respects the Christian tradition and refers to sound and well-established ethical values in public life. It is liberal, because it supports free market economy. It's authors include Pawel Lisicki, Bronislaw Wildstein, Rafal Ziemkiewicz, Piotr Semka, Cezary Gmyz, Piotr Gabryel, Marek Magierowski, Andrzej Horubala, Waldemar Lysiak, Tomasz Wroblewski, Agnieszka Rybak and many other well-known and respected journalists. FILM was the oldest Polish film magazine published since 1946. Platforma Mediowa Point Group stopped publishing it in June this year. FILM gave the latest news about movie premieres, the industry and portrayed artists making films and television productions. For over fifty years FILM organized one of the most prestigious Polish movie awards - Zlote Kaczki Awards.
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