Simple Site Audit MultiSite

Combat the hackers with 'Simple Site Audit Multisite' website protection. With SSAM installed, you will be notified by email of any file changes, on your monitored sites, shortly after the change has occurred. SSAM will detect files that have been added, removed or modified and if file permissions are changed. Hopefully, your sites will never be hacked, but if any of them are, and you have SimpleSiteAudit anti hacker software installed, you will be notified by email of any file changes shortly after a site intrusion occurs. You will be able to automatically monitor all your sites from one 'Master' web site, or a local installation of XAMPP server or similar, providing the local machine is running 24 hours and the mail system is active. Either way, your sites can be monitored for hacker activity without any detectable monitoring system on the sites themselves. The 'Master' site can also be monitored by the same script. Using PHP's ftp_rawlist() function, the script performs a scan of all files on the target web site and records any changes that it finds. If site intrusion has occurred and changes are found, the log is updated and an email is generated containing the findings. Primarily, the SimpleSiteAudit script is designed to be used as a scheduled task or cron job, run maybe once an hour. It can also be run from your browser via the settings page (index.php), click on the 'Run the script' button - if changes have been made, a list of changed files will open in a new tab/window. This is an unformatted display. SECONDARY USES: There may be other uses for this software, for example, it could be used to notify someone, or a group of people, that certain files had been uploaded and are now available for download or viewing. I'd be interested to know what other uses it has been put to. Version 1.5.3 This version adds another column to one of the db tables. In order to upgrade to v1.5.3, it will be necessary to remove all currently monitored sites via the existing FTP/DB set up page (index1.php), then upload the new installation and re-enter your site details. I have added a new field to the preferences page: "List of files to rename:" This feature might be useful where you know of certain file names that have caused you problems in the past. Re-naming the file as soon as it is detected, will prevent it being used for malicious purposes, e.g mass mail spamming. An email alert will be sent on detection.
File Size155.39 kB
Operating System Windows Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 7
System Requirements1. FTP root access to the sites you wish to monitor. 2. Access to a Mysql database on the 'Master' site. 3. 'Master' site must be on Unix type server (Linux/Apache).