TVWGrabber installs in a Windows workstation. Then you configure the following criteria: - A Recipient email. This is where the captured window image file will be sent. - A window caption string. TVWGrabber will look for the exact match in the window title on a open window on the remote computer, capture the screen to a file and send it over the internet via email. - SMTP Settings for sending email. You will have to provide your settings for using a valid smtp file for sending email. Example Application: - You may have a Remote Acces Software like TeamViewer and do not have the ID nor the Password, You can use TVGrabber to get a screenshot of TeamViewer main User interface. TVWGrabber can also run silently in the background. Note: TVWGrabber will work only if user logged, and the window to capture is already open in the remote machine desktop.
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Operating System Windows Vista Windows XP Windows Windows 2000 Windows 7