Harness the wealth of information stored in your computer logs with LogMeister! LogMeister is a universal log reader with powerful monitoring and notification facilities. Whether you're a home user, power user, developer or system administrator, you will love LogMeister's powerful yet easy to use features. LogMeister captures data from disparate sources including text files, local and remote windows event logs and RSS feeds. It presents the results through a consistent, clear interface. You can employ powerful filters to home in on a specific point of interest, or merge data from multiple logs to facilitate timeline analysis. In your absence, LogMeister will monitor incoming data and react to specific triggers by issuing alerts, running scripts and outputting new logs. You can export raw logs or transformed data to multiple formats such as text, csv, xml, html. This makes it easy to transfer data to other programs such as Excel, or into databases. You can even publish your logs as RSS feeds, and create floating satellite views that filter and sort log data independently of the main view. LogMeister is quick and easy to set up. Wizards guide you through most aspects of its configuration. It harvests log data from computers across your network without the need for additional installations. This ease of use is complemented by considerable power and flexibility. For example, administrators and programmers can write scripts for LogMeister to run in response to criteria they have defined. Designed for use on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, LogMeister takes advantage of more recent operating system features where appropriate. Satellite windows can be semi-transparent under Windows 2000 and above. The entire application is theme-aware when running under Windows XP.
File Size2.96 MB
Operating System Windows 2003 Windows Windows XP Windows 2000
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • Internet Explorer 6 for reports and printing
  • Win NT 4 requires SP6 + wmi core