No LER Home Edition

R.S.I (Repetitive Strain Injury) is a work related osteomuscular disease. Its relation is linked to the activity made by someone and always occurs when there is some incompatibility between the physical requirement of the activity or task and the physical human ability. There are some risk factors that contribute to the injury. One of them: repetitive movements (typing, or mouse movements), incorrect posture. This disease settles down slowly in the human body and most of time goes unnoticed throughout ones work life and when it is noticed there is at once strict danger to the affected area. To get rid of this inconvenience, people fall into the trap by themselves assuming improper posture, retracting their tendon, usually keeping their movements controlled and some of them have difficulty with their face movements. This is the beginning of the vicious circle caused by the disease. NO LER software is a system that will create a pauses between your usage of computer. Ergonomic System
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