FTP Uploader Creator

FTP Uploader Creator is a tool for creating pre-configured FTP upload droplets, rather then just a configurable droplet. FTP Uploader Creator has genuine cross platform support and can generate Mac Droplets from Windows and vice versa. A droplet will upload files and folders to an FTP server as per settings specified with Uploader Creator and unlimited droplets can be generated with FTP Uploader Creator and then sent via email or other means to end users. Droplets are configured quickly and easily by specifying the FTP server login details, browsing to the destination path, specifying what compression to use and then saving a pre-configured installer which can be sent to the end user. You can generate Uploader Droplets (FTP Uploader Clients) using a single Uploader Creator application from one workstation for multiple hosts and subdomains, saving you time, for a very nominal fee. No need to use two separate machines as you did before.
LicenseFree to try
File Size2.44 MB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows Windows XP
System RequirementsWindows NT/2000/XP/2003 Server