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24U DatabaseToWeb is a revolutionary innovation consisting of a simple and price-effective solution in management and actualization of Internet databases! The program manages to import almost any simple-structured database and export it subsequently to static web pages. Besides firms and individuals using web-hosting with static pages, 24U DatabaseToWeb is a useful assistant also for web-designers and webmasters who want to offer their customers the best services for the lowest prices. With this program, you may fully concentrate on the creation of design as our product fills the data in automatically. More databases, more web design themes! In the 24U DatabaseToWeb program, you can simultaneously save, process and export multiple databases together (for instance, a price-list and an address book), as well as several web designs. Output designs can be switched over as easily as graphic themes of your operating system. In this way, web-designers are able to save, for instance, designs of various clients and easily and quickly update all their databases from a single place. Support for different text encodings! 24U DatabaseToWeb solves also a problem of non-English text encodings. In case you use a language other than English, you will appreciate a possibility to select simply the right text encoding in which your web pages need to be saved. If you, for instance, use Czech on your Mac or PC but want to present your web pages in the standard ISO-8859-2 encoding, nothing is simpler than selection of a proper encoding. If you will now find our offer of different codes sufficient, you may define your own. Primary functions of the program: Import of a single-table (non-relation) database (maximum of 30 fields) Possibility of editing imported data Definition of several output files Automatic filtering of records based on a custom condition Automatic splitting into series of files based on a records-per-page limit Definition of several output web design themes Export of a selected output web page file/series of files to a disk Selection of an output 8bit text encoding (such as ISO-8859-2) Definition of custom text encodings Three demonstration files for importing Three pre-defined themes
Price USD49
License Update
File Size 4.1 MB
Version 1.0.1
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • PPC
  • Mac OS 8.6 or higher
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