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Pith is a utility for Safari that tracks the currently open sites, displays them in a window, and allows you to hide or minimize unused windows, If Safari crashes, relaunch it, and Pith can recover the windows that were open. If you have suggestions or comments, please visit the Pith Forum Notes: The wrong window is activated when closing a window in auto-hide mode. (the eldest, rather than the last used)There are a few side-effects of using the auto-hide feature. To prevent the old window from remaining active, the windows flash when switching. Sometimes windows will animate oddly. If safari quits while it is refreshing, Pith may lose the open sites too. Processor usage goes up a lot when many windows are open.
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File Size 163.09 kB
Version 0.9.4
Operating System Mac OS X 10.3 Mac OS X 10.2 Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.2.3 or higher
  • Safari Beta
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