Download Deputy Turbo

Download Deputy Turbo is a download manager and download accelerator all in one small, convenient package. The Deputy lets you create lists of files you want, then download all the files later. Avoiding surfing downtime while downloading files is just one of the cool features Download Deputy provides. All you have to do to add a file to the download list is copy the link location for the file and paste it into Download Deputy's URL window. You can then catch the next wave, secure in the notion that you can download the file later. Once you're finished surfing, click on Download Deputy's Go button and get yourself some coffee, pardner. Download Deputy is on the trail of each of the packages you've selected. If the site you're trying to download from is busy or unavailable, you can configure Download Deputy to skip that site, retry until it gets through or retry later. Major Features: Queue-style interface is perfect for power users who love downloading filesDownload Accelerator: The Multiple Connection Transfer Engine (MCTE) allows for super-duper accelerated download speeds for users with Cable, DSL, Ethernet, LAN or otherwise high-speed Internet connections MaxMyBandwidth: This technology was invented here. Download Deputy Turbo is the first piece of software to use this technology. Basically, Download Deputy Turbo speeds up the transfer of your files by ensuring that your Internet connection is always saturatedProxy/Firewall support: Download Deputy Turbo loads your proxy settings from the Internet control panel and properly supports both HTTP and FTP proxies. No configuration necessary. What could be more simple?Download Deputy Turbo now supports URLs of any length whereas previous versions were limited to URLs of 256 or fewer characters. That means Download Deputy Turbo correctly handles links Added "Sleep" feature to Post-Download optionsThe new Scheduler is quite handy. With three different schedule types, Download Deputy Turbo now offers an extremely powerful device to create a schedule for your downloads that fits your exact needs. The new Scheduler offers the best automation Download Deputy Turbo has ever hadYou can set the number of simultaneous downloads for each queue. If you have a slower connection, you might want only one file downloading at a time. For those of you with faster connections, 10 simultaneous downloads might be perfect. It's up to you!Download Deputy Turbo automatically resumes failed or paused downloadsDownload Deputy Turbo can retry a failed or incomplete download as many times as you choose. You can set the timeout for establishing connections as well as the delay between retriesUnlimited number of queue windows open and/or downloading at the same timeYou can schedule each queue window to download whenever you want. If you prefer to download your files automatically overnight, Download Deputy Turbo is the perfect toolDownload Deputy Turbo's interface closely mimics the familiar Finder so it's earoceo useFor each download queue, you can tell Download Deputy Turbo to automatically perform various post-download tasks, like automatically expanding and decoding your downloads, disconnecting your PPP connection, launching an application (or AppleScript), shutting your Macintosh down, or quitting Download Deputy Turbo entirelyDownload Deputy Turbo is brutally efficient; it requires just 1MB of RAM and 500k of disk space. ilesa Software is morally opposed to bloatware
Price USD19.95
License Purchase
File Size 790.04 kB
Version 5.0.1
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS 8.5 or higher
  • PPC