What is SpamSlam? SpamSlam is a convenient tool designed to eliminate easily and automatically all unwanted junk messages from every email account you own. Junk email has become such a problem that important messages are often lost in the deluge of unsolicted messages that clutters one's mailbox. SpamSlam is your solution to the junk email problem. What makes SpamSlam the best junk mail eliminator? With the exception of SpamSlam, every anti-spam tool available for personal computers can be placed into one of three catagories. They are: Simple Rule-Based Filter Challenge/Response Filter Statistical Content-Based Filter Each of the above filter types is not without its significant disadvantages. SpamSlam is the best anti-spam tool because it combines the strengths of the two best filter types (Challenge/Response and Statistical Content-Based) while subsequently eliminating their disadvantages. How is SpamSlam better than a conventional Challenge/Response? SpamSlam doesn't issue challenges to messages that are clearly junk email, thereby greatly reducing the amount of bandwidth consumed by unnecessary challenge emails. Because it employs a Statistical Content-Based Filter, SpamSlam's Challenge/Response is now just as effective, yet many times more efficient than previous versions of SpamSlam which employed only a Challenge/Response Filter. How is SpamSlam better than a conventional Statistical Content-Based Filter? SpamSlam's AccuFilter automatically trains itself, unlike every other Statistical Content-Based Filter which requires you to spend time and effort training the system over a period of weeks. SpamSlam requires none of your time, and AccuFilter's training occurs automatically and without intervention. In addition, other Statistical Content-Based filters are useless when they encounter a message that looks both like legitimate email and like junk email. SpamSlam's AccuFilter just issues the sender a challenge when it encounters such a message, thereby eliminating the change that a message gets mis-classified.
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Operating System Mac OS X 10.2 Mac OS X 10.3 Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or higher