iKey is an automation utility, which can run an action based on: a key combination a menu item an event: at a specified date and time (daily, weekly, monthly) or when a special action occurs (before or after an application is launched, after an application is terminated, after an application is activated or deactivated, before sleep or after waking up). We call each action a shortcut. Shortcuts are grouped by type of action performed: document (open, open with, recent) application (launch, running, recent, switch, show/hide, quit/relaunch) folder (display folder hierarchy) Finder (show in finder) menu (select item of menu, select item of submenu) mouse (simulate mouse on screen, simulate mouse on active window) keyboard (type type, type text of date, type text of file, type text of clipboard, type press or release keys) system (open preference panel, open menu of preference panels, start/shutdown, screensaver, dock) window (zoom, minimize, show, close, move, resize, switch, scroll contents) clipboard (copy/paste/add text, copy/paste/add text of the date, copy/cut/paste selection) internet (open web address, new mail) script (run script from a file, run script from a source text) sound (play sound) Unix (run command from source text, run command from a file) utilities (make pause) Each shortcut is located in a set, which determines when the shortcuts it contains is active: the "Universal" set contains shortcuts that are active at any time. other sets contain shortcuts that are active only when an application is in the foreground: the one the set is linked to, and has its name. A sequence is several shortcuts performed one after the other. Shortcuts launched from a menu item are displayed in the iKey menu. This menu can be displayed: by clicking on the icon available at any time in the menu bar by typing a keys combo, and then it's displayed as a floating menu at the pointer location It's also possible to group shortcuts in submenus, or in independent floating menus. iKey is a scriptable application which gives the ability to run a shortcut with an applescript. It is also possible to run applescripts from within iKey.
Price USD20
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File Size 1.62 MB
Version 1.0.2
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3 Mac OS X 10.2
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or higher