Pavel Fedotov Artworks Stickers

More than 40 stickers of Pavel Fedotov Artworks Stickers! Add them to your iMessages and use this masterspieces to customize your messages. Impress your friends with your knowledge !- Portrait of M. M. Rodivanovsky- Police Commissary's Reception Room the Night Before a Holiday- Portrait of A. I. Fedotov, the Artist's Father- Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich Visiting the Camp of the Finland Regiment of Imperial Guards on July 8, 1837- Andrey, Grigoriy and Alexander Druzhinin- Get Married, Gentlemen That Would Come in Very Handy- Self-Portrait- Portrait of Lieutenant Lvov- The fresh cavalier- Difficult Bride- Portrait of N. P. Chernyshova- Portrait of A. P. Zhdanovich- Portrait of Amalia Legrand- Portrait of F. Ye. Yakovlev- Portrait of M. P. Zhdanovich- Portrait of N. P. Zhdanovich as a Child- Portrait of O. P. Zhdanovich- Portrait of P. P. Zhdanovich- Portrait of P. V. Zhdanovich- Portrait of Ye. P. Zhdanovich- It is Cholera to Blame- Portrait of Anna Zhdanovich- Fashionable Wife (Lioness)- Portrait of M. Ye. Shishmareva- Portrait of Nadezhda P. Zhdanovich at the Piano- Portrait of Second Captain Vannovsky- S. D. Shishmarev on Board the Ship- Encore, Encore- Portrait of Ye. G. Flug- The Aristocrat's Breakfast- Encore, Encore- Officer and His Orderly- Portrait of Olga Ivanovna and Fedor Ivanov- Portrait of Olga Ivanovna Demonkala- Portrait of S. S. Krylov- Wintry Street on Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg- The Major's Marriage Proposal- Gamblers- Portrait of an Architect- Portrait of Elizaveta Petrovna Zhdanova- Portrait of Maria Pavlovna Druzhinina- The Widow
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