Carl Larsson Artworks Stickers

More than 115 stickers of Carl Larsson Artworks Stickers! Add them to your iMessages and use this masterspieces to customize your messages. Impress your friends with your knowledge !- Clair obscur- November- El estanue de watercolor- Garden in Grez- In the Kitchen Garden- The Old Man and the New Trees- Otoo- View of Montcourt- Interior of the gallery Furstengerg in Gooteborg- Portrait of Alma- Peasant Interior in winter- Portrait of Gothilda Furstenberg- Self-portrait- The Day Before Christmas- Karin and Brita- My Loved Ones- My mother- Christmas Morning- Cosy Corner- Flowers on the windowsill- In the Corner- Lisbeth- Suzanne- Ulf and Pontus- A Day of Celebration- Anna Pettersson- Breakfast under the Big Birch- Brita and me- Brita's Forty Winks- Daddy's Room- Old Anna- Old Sundborn Church- Self-portrait- The Cottage- The Studio- The Studio- The Verandah- The Yard and Wash-House- When the Children have Gone to Bed- Between Christmas and New Ao- The bridge- Lazy Nook- Mammas and the small girls- The Crayfish Season Opens- Karin and Kersti- Lisbeth fishing- Los deberes- The Kitchen- August Strindberg- Convalescence- For Karin's name day- A Late-Riser's Miserable Breakfast- Around the Lamp at Evening- Before the mirror- Esbjorn- Lisbeth in 'Blue bird'- Required Reading- Sunday Rest- Brita as Iduna (Iunn), lithography, title page for the christmas edition of Idun, 1901- Getting Ready for a Game- Peek-a-Boo- Abuelo with Esborjn- Hakon, Daga and Edgar- Under the Birches- Mother and Daughter- Mrs Dora Lamm and Her Two Eldest Sons- The Apple Harvest- The first Lesson- Karin reading- Lisbeth reading- At Church- Fishing- Harvesting ice- In Sundborn Church- In the Carpenter Shop- On the Farm- Azalea- Children of the carpenter Helberg- Cowgirl in the meadow- Detail Of Christmas Eve- Model Writing Postcards- Self-Recognition- The manure pile- The Model On The Table- The stable- Threshing- Woodcutters in the forest- Brita at the Piano- Selma Lagerlf- Summer Morning, published in 'Lasst Licht Hinin' (`Let in More Light')- The Entry of King Gustav Vasa of Sweden into Stockholm, 1523- Karin and Brita with cactus- My friends, the Carpenter and the Painter- The Skier- Lisbeth at the birch grove- My Acid Workshop (Where I do my Etching)- Correspondence- Lille Matts Larsson- Self Portrait in the Studio- Self-portrait- Breakfast in the Open- Interior with a Cactus- By the Cellar- A Fairy Or Kersti And A View Of A Meadow- A Lady Reading a Newspaper- A studio idyll. The artist's wife with daughter Suzanne- A Young Girl with a Doll- An Interior with a Woman Reading- Esbjorn Doing His Homework- Karin in Autumn- Karin on the shore- October (The Pumpkins)- Playing Scales- Plowing- Roses De Noel- Solrosorna- The Still Life Painter
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