Learn Morse Code - G0HYN Learn Morse

This morse code learning app has two main modes:- Learn mode. Where user can learn morse code step by step, using incremental learning of the individual sounds (rather than a look up table of character to code). So for a complete novice, this would start with 1 character, then 2, and so on, but only as users demonstrates that the 'know' the code already introduced. This learning should be built up over a number of sessions, and the current settings are saved so that learning can continue where you left off.Note: Default character introduction sequence is 'Cunningham', but 'Koch' can easily be selected via the menu (your choice)- Listen mode. Once the code has been learned, it's fun to practice reading. So the app has some built in text files, as well a random text generator, and sample QSO generator.Help text explaining operation and each control is accessible via the menu function.Only English text available in this version.Please see web site for learning method background and user documentation.Please note that this app is based upon the concepts contained in the PC based "Teach' software, written by Gary E.J. Bold. ZL1AN. Without his help this app would not exist... Many thanks Gary (RIP)Teaching Program
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 6.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up