goHappy: Group Communication

The goHappy App helps your group communicate so much better by allowing you to message in a more organized, calm and collaborative manner.BUSINESS OWNERIf youre a business owner looking to use goHappy Hub! for your entire organization with multiple groups, just go to www.gohappylabs.com to set up your account.EMPLOYEEIf youre an employee of an organization using goHappy to communicate and collaborate, youre in the right spot! Just download the app here, join your group, and youll be ready to roll!EVERYONE ELSEJust keep reading or download the app now!:)Here are just a few of the reasons why we think youre going to love the goHappy App:ORGANIZE YOUR GROUPYou can organize your conversations within the group - by whatever you want to talk most about as a Group - Shout Outs, Celebrations, Training, Events, , Selling Stuff, etc.CALM THE NOTIFICATION MADNESSYou can mute the conversations that you dont want to get blown up with notifications about.Dont care about anyones Summer Plans in the group right now? Cool - mute it.Really want to see if someone gives you a Shout Out? Cool - dont mute Shout Outs.NEVER MISS THE IMPORTANT STUFFCreate Announcements for the stuff you need to make sure everyone in the group sees.Switching the meeting from tonight to tomorrow? Cool - Announce it.Sharing a pic of the amazing burrito you had for lunch? Cool - probably dont Announce thatEASILY MAKE STUFF HAPPENYou can easily make decisions on things by having people simply vote on things like time to meet, things to do, etc. by taking advantage of the custom reactions.Our Mission Statement at goHappy is To help people build good relationships so that they can live happier lives.Were hoping that we can help your group communicate better so that you can do just that.
License Free
Version 3.9.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up