Darkhawpui Directory

He Drkhawpui (Drlawn) telephone directory hi Drkhawpui Facebook Group ten hahnemngaihna vnga kan siam a ni a, min hlutpui ve heuh kan beisei. Fimkhur leh uluk taka buatsaih nimahse a vawikhatna te anih avngn hming leh phone number kimo eh diklo te a awm palh thei a, inthlahrung ova thurwn te min pe a min finchhuah zl turin kan ngn che u a ni e.Directory chhnga awm te:1. Agriculture Deptt.2. AH & Vety Deptt.3. Block Resource Centre4. CDPO5. Environment & Forest Deptt.6. Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs7. Health & Family Welfare Deptt.8. Horticulture Deptt.9. Mizoram Police10. PHE Deptt.11. Post Office12. Power & Electricity Deptt.13. PWD Deptt.14. SBI15. SDEO16. AMFU17. Auto-Rickshaw Association18. Consumers Union19. Drlawn Welfare Aizawl--------- Bethlehem--------- Bethlehem Vengthlang--------- Dinthar--------- Dawrpui Vengthar--------- Ramhlun North--------- Ramhlun South--------- Ramhlun Sports Complex--------- Ramhlun Vengthar--------- huampui--------- Tuikhuahtlang--------- Upper Republic--------- Falkland--------- Zuangtui--------- Zemabawk20. DESA21. Drkhawpui Facebook Group22. Games & Sports23. JERACOM24. MHIP/Joint O.B.25. Mistiri Association26. Mobile Phone Operators27. MSU28. MUP29. MZP30. NEREFS31. Public Service32. Sumo Service33. Village Council--------- Joint VC--------- Chhim Veng VC--------- Vengpui VC--------- Venghlun VC34. YMA--------- Joint YMA O.B.--------- Drlawn Br. YMA--------- Venghlun Br. YMA--------- Chhim Veng Br. YMA35. Badminton Club36. Zirna In37. Fish Farmer's Association38. Darlawn Literature and Cultural Club39. Combat Games Association40. Darlawn Florist Association
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.0 and up