LookieTalkie-PTT is Smartphone walkie-talkie solution for enterprise use. LookieTalkie-PTT can provide free PTT service between analog walkie-talkie and digital device or between digital devices.If you need to communicate with your groups immediately? Enjoy LookieTalkie-PTT!Push-To-Talk(radio communication) and real-time chatting!LookieTalkie-PTT supports radio communication between users and real-time chat.Share your information with LookieTalkie-PTT. Analog walkie talkie meet digital devices!LookieTalkie-PTT possible to provide PTT service by overcoming the limit of call distance with existing walkie-talkie and of poor reception areas!Chatting history!You can manage chat history lists which automatically saved in the app.Anywhere anytime you can find and check important chattings.Providing Location Information and Profile managementProviding the other's location information by interfacing with Google Map.Hands Free radio communication with Bluetooth deviceLookieTalkie-PTT possible to interface with various types of Bluetooth according to user's preference and use environments.LookieTalkie-PTT site : http://initialt.com/newhome/lookietalkieptt.html LookieTalkie-PTT ASP Service enquiries and apply for service - Email : sales@initialt.com LookieTalkie-PTT Customer Center - Email : app.initialt@gmail.com FAQQ. How can I add a new private channel? A. If you want private channel, we suggest the product of LookieTalkie-PTT ASP. For more information, please contact e-mail.
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