Replete with its tales of Maharaja?s and Maharani?s, hidden treasures in fortresses, a Maharani so graceful and beautiful that her neck would show the colour of the ?Sherbat? she was drinking, architectural marvels in terms of planning, location and construction, overall grandeur, brilliant water supply and drainage system, Jaipur had all the charm a city needed.Thus during the British Raj, in the year 1890 Jaipur Club was born. The founders were a mix of Royalty and the British Rulers. The Royalty comprised more of Polo players from the renowed Rajput "Thikana's", Thakurs, Jagirdars etc in and around Jaipur, underthe patronage of the erstwhile Royal family of Jaipur. Jaipur Club at that time was promoted more as a Polo Club (with the Maharaja of Jaipur being a great Polo player himself).With the vision of the English Sahib's, the Royalty, the Thakurs and the Jagirdars, Jaipur Club soon moved on to encompass all recreational activities such as Tennis, Bridge, Billiards, Bar etc.
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