Type In Telugu

What is TYPE IN TELUGU ?Type In Telugu is a free transliteration tool. Using this app you can type your text in English and get the textconverted to Telugu language. You can share the transliterated text through SMS, Email, Chat or Social Media.Is TYPE IN TELUGU similar to translation?No. This app does Transliteration, not translation. That means, if you type in English as 'Namaste' you get themessage as ''.Why do I need this app?There is no greater joy in the world than in sharing our thoughts and feelings in our mother tongue. But, thedevice keyboard is not of great help in doing this. This app - TYPE IN TELUGU - comes to your rescue and helpsyou to communicate with your world in your language. Communication in your language brings you closer to yourpeople !Can I send messages in Telugu by SMS and Email ?Of Course ! After typing your message, share the converted text through Email, Chat, Social Media, or SMS,using the Share button.How do I post Telugu messages in Facebook. Whatsapp and Twitter ?For Sharing In Apps Like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc Where The Message Does Not Get PastedAutomatically:a.)Type the text and after you get the full text in Telugu, press Share button. Then press the Clipboard button.b.)The text gets copied.c.)Go to your app. Press for a few seconds (long press)the area where you want to paste Telugu text.d.)Paste button appears and touch it. Your text is posted to the app.Does this app work in Kitkat 4.4 devices?YES and NO. Since the latest Kitkat devices have gesture based typing, the transliteration happens only whenyou press 'Enter' button and not 'Space bar'. This is surely cumbersome and so is helpful only for shortmessages. Or, you need to use some other keyboard app other than default one.Will this app work in my device?The app is found to be working in the devices we have checked. But then, there are thousands of Android devicesand each one is built differently. So, the best way is to install and check it out for yourself.***** So, Please Do Not Give A Bad Rating And Bad Review Just Because The App Does Not Work In Your Device.PLEASE UNDERSTAND IT IS NOT OUR FAULT !Anything else I need to know?Yes. When you install for the first time, the app might take some time to load. So, please be patient. Also,please note, the will work only when you are online. Please don't give low rating and prevent others from usingthis app !If you like this app, please post your comments here, and if you have a suggestion or criticism to make, please send the same to us by email !ATTRIBUTION: This app is based on the transliteration codes and APIs of Google. Google is not associated with this product or with the developer in any way. Neither Google nor this developer is responsible or liable for any errors, if any, that may appear in the transliteration process. All we, developers, want to do is to help people express better in their language tapping the great potential of the Google Transliterate APIs. This app is easy to use and meant for using when connected to the web. Supported by unobtrusive ads.
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License Free
Version 0.0.2
Operating System Android
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