Diaspora Connect

Indonesia is a large country and in order to compete with another country, Indonesia needs to take a full potential of its resources including its Human Resources. There are +- 4.5 Million Indonesian Diaspora abroad ready to contribute to the development of Indonesia but they are constrained by many things, one of which is the access to Information. On the other hand, collecting data of the Indonesian diaspora has always been a challenge for the Government. Indonesia Diaspora Connect is a social media platform that acts as a facilitator between the Government and the best Indonesian talents all around the world.Indonesian Diaspora Connect is a social media platform that aims to help Diaspora to find a job based on their skills.Diaspora Features (Android):* Post a status* Send a direct message to another diaspora* Voice and Video Call* Conference call* Create a group chat* Get a job offer from the Government* Find Indonesian NearbyGovernment Features (Web Admin):* Find the number of Diaspora* Check the details of the Diaspora* Offer a job to the Diaspora* Get a list of Diaspora in every Country* Get a list of Diaspora in every CityContact us:Instagram: diasporaconnect.idEmail: arrivaldwisentosa@gmail.com
Operating System Android