Epic Sms Reminder

There are many reminding apps out there so what's so special about this one? Well first of all this one- is EPIC!!! This app will remind you with one thing that you never forget to check i.e. your sms. Your text message.This app lets you schedule the text message to be sent out at a set time or when you arrive at a location.We try to remind ourselves with post it notes, alarms and phone notifications. But we tend to ignore all of them. So what's better than an app that does your reminding job for you?Never Forget Again!- Schedule text message reminders quickly in a couple of taps- Send reminder to yourself or any phone number- Schedule to reminder at a specific day and time through a quick date and time picker- Set repeat intervalsWhy would I want Epic reminder?- Birthday WishesWhat's better than wishing your loved ones their birthday on time. Schedule it with Epic Sms Reminder and the app will automatically send the text message on their birthday. So you won't have to wish belated birthday later- Text-In SickDon't feel well but want to text your boss in the morning that you can't make it to work. Epic Sms Reminder is perfect for that. Set it before you go to sleep the night before and you won't have to wake up just to text-in sick.- The " reached safe" textLet the people who care about you know that you reached your destination safely. Just set up the destination location and time and Epic Sms Reminder will automatically send it when you arrive.- The Anniversary textTend to forget your anniversary date and spoil your spouse's mood. Epic SMs Reminder got you covered. Set the date and time and be the first to wish your spouse!- Doctor's Appointment textRemind yourself or your loved ones of their next scheduled doctor's appointment. Because your health matters first!So you see there are endless ways... either you want to remind someone to hydrate as they tend to miss out on their water or to remind your spouse to pick some groceries on their way back... Epic sms reminder got you covered.Download, Rate and Enjoy !!Thank you.
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