Auto Reply SMS & Calls

Set Auto SMS Reply for not get disturb while your driving. watching a movie, on vacation, out for dinner with family or just when you do not wish to be disturbed. This function will let your phone do the intelligent task of sending auto sms to Missed Calls / SMS / Discarded Calls. You can set multiple profiles for answering a reply through sms.Send automatic message on your contact for birthdays, anniversary without you having to remember. Wish them without you having to worry about anything.Set Auto Call reminder for any particular time and date that you may wish to call somebody, it may be for a meeting/ to wish for birthday, anniversary or any event. This app will remind you call and allow you to call in a single click.Main Features:- Send auto sms (message) replies for missed calls or unreceived calls.- Send Auto Sms to received text messages.- Allow yourself to be free from call and sms.- Create multiple profiles to reply auto sms. (watching a movie, Out for meeting, Tutions, etcs.)- Set reminder to call anybody on any particular date and time.- Never miss to call and wish Happy Birthday / Anniversary etc. Set Call Reminders.Very useful app that allows to keep your life socialize without you having to remember anything.
Operating System Android