OH Browser Trial - Cool, Fast, Secure & Privacy

Real One-Handed Super Cool Web Browser!Revolutionary, next generation user interface!One Handed, Easy, Intuitive, Gorgeous UI, Fast, Secure & Privacy.Bring your internet browsing experience to the next level!How this internet browser different from others?Well,- Designed with COMMON SENSE!- Designed for users, not for advertisers!- User experience, Performance & Privacy is primary philosophy of this app!- Every element, every pixel is rethinked, redesigned & simplified!- No push notification!- No background running services!- No battery drain!- No irritating promotional ads!- No tracking!- No user analysing!- No unwanted permissions!- No remote server data transfer for configure browser!- No AI to analyse you ;)- No tons of settings!- No ad-ons needed!- No maintenance needed!- Everything is in YOUR control!- Never ask you to share :)- Never ask you to rate ;)- Never ask you to buy until the end of trial period!- Simple business model : Like it? Buy it!- Privacy Policy : We do not collect information from users!Features:* One handed usability / reachability* Bottom address(URL) bar / toolbar* Multiple Search Engines* Private Mode Web Browsing* Night Mode* Full screen mode* Save page as PDF* Save page as Web-Archive* No-Image mode* Light weight* Battery saving* Speedy webkit engine* Text Zoom* No unwanted permissions* No messy settings, it just works* Absolutely Minimal* Perfect for lazy times* And more...Tips & Tricks:Tap a button - Will do a task!Tap & hold the same button - Will do another task!!That's all, try it yourself!Permissions:- STORAGE: Needed for downloading files and backing up data locally.No additional sensitive permissions needed, so you can surf the internet with absolute peace of mind!Short version of Privacy Policy: We do not collect information from users (period).(This is 7 days trial, if you feel it worth, you can directly goto the paid version anytime!)That's it, try it, feel it! Peace!
Operating System Android