Incognito Browser - Fast Private Secure Browser

Incognito Browser is one of the best private and secure browser which allows you to browse the internet anonymously. It never allow websites to track your web activity and does not save your history, cookies or passwords. If you wish to keep your personal information as safe as possible, this is probably the best Incognito Browser app available. Incognito Browser has many other smart features like ad-block and built in file browser.Security and privacy featuresIncognito Browser has following features to protect your privacy:Leave no trace - Clear all your cookies, browsing history and any private data when you exit. No data will be saved on the browser.Block location tracking - This browser never allow websites to track your location.Support user agent cloaking - you can change the identity of your browser. This way, websites will think you are accessing from chrome or Internet Explorer.Ad-block - Incognito Browser blocks all advertisements and unwanted tracking scripts.Separate and encrypted database for bookmarks and login data - If you wish, you can save login data and bookmarks in a separate encrypted database.Smart featuresSmall and light weight - Incognito Browser is a light weight app with less than 2MB app size. It's very fast and perfectly works with slow devices as well. It does not require any unnecessary permissions.Unlimited tabs - This browser supports unlimited tabs and you can easily switch between tabs with smart gestures.User friendly design - Incognito Browser is a well design app with user friendliness in mind. It has tons of settings and supports multiple gestures to control various actions.Whole page screenshots - you can take screenshots of the entire web page, no matter how long it is.Built in file browser - You can browse and open any file in your device within the browser. The file browser can be opened as another tab.Open link in other apps - Incognito Browser supports app linking. For an example if you click on a YouTube link, it will open in the YouTube app. This feature can be disabled from settings.Other featuresOptimized for one hand handling.Android 7 App shortcutsFull screen browsing
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements None