IMPORTANT: Before using the InnoCaption+(plus) app, you must register at first.InnoCaption+ is a free mobile app for the deaf and hard of hearing that want to use their own voice to talk to others, but struggle hearing what is being said by them. Now, receive captions of what the person says when they say it with virtually less delay and with confidence from the convenience of your Android smartphone and Tablets.Through the use of a patented technology in conjunction with live steno writers, InnoCaption+ gives you the ability to make and receive phone calls like anybody else. There are no complicated steps or additional procedures to follow.The speed and accuracy of the captions along with the ease of use will give you, the user, a degree of transparency not realized until now because the other caller in most instances will never know you are receiving captions.We provide Innovative Captioning for your Smartphone and Tables that is -Fast- Streamlined process directly connects you to captioning agents- InnoCaption+ delivers real-time captions to your Smartphone and Tablets within two secondsEasy- User friendly- Free 10-digit phone number (InnoCaption number) provided- Make and receive calls with the same ease as any hearing personAccurate- InnoCaption+ delivers accurate caption service with high accuracy using live stenographersWith Features- Caller ID/Caller ID block- Syncs with the existing contact list- InnoCaption 911 calling with captions- Supports Interactive Voice Response Systems- Captioned InnoCaption voice mail with personalized greeting- Speed dial- Favorites- Call logs backup / restore- Do not disturb- Unwanted Call blockProduct requirements:- Android version (4.1 or higher)- Data plan thru wireless carrier of your choice- In case of no Data plan, Wi-Fi is requiredFCC Warning:FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS ANYONE BUT REGISTERED USERS WITH HEARING LOSS FROM USING THIS SERVICE.The InnoCaption+ mobile app is for deaf and HOH (Hard of Hearing) mobile phone users only. This app provides real-time captions from a live communication assistant through a federally funded program called Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS).Please visit for all the details.
Operating System Android