Medtel Cloud

The Medtel Cloud App allows you to use your company's Medtel Cloud PBX system from your Android device. Make and Receive Calls and access your Medtel Cloud Voicemail box.-Professional and intuitive app design-Making use of Google Push technology ensures you are contactable whilst preserving battery life.-Single number for both fixed and mobile devices.-Incoming calls to your fixed desk phone are automatically routed to your Android Device.-Incoming calls to the App show the number of the caller, not the PBX.-All outgoing calls from your App show the company number, not your mobile number.-Make calls from your Android Phone's contact list. In which case you present the CLI number of the Medtel Cloud PBX.-Busy on mobile device status is indicated to other users.-Call history - missed calls, received calls, dialled calls.-Listen to and manage your business voicemails.-The Medtel Cloud PBX may be programmed to send all your app calls over IP or to the Cell network when you are off site and over Wifi on your LAN.-Flip during a call from VoIP to Cell service or the other way, depending on signal quality-The Medtel Cloud App uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology over both Wifi and 3G networks. Not in range of any quality internet coverage? Your Medtel Cloud App can be programmed to switch over to use your Cell connection. Call quality is dependent on the quality of your 3G network or available WiFi network.
Operating System Android