1 In order to make the data in the communication process safe, the software uses AES encryption algorithm, RSA encryption algorithm algorithm, MD5 encryption algorithm, SHA encryption algorithm.2. End-to-end encryption and decryption of text, pictures, audio and video. The contents of the communication can be viewed after decryption by the other party, and the software author and server do not know the contents of the communication.3, the software can use two modes: login mode and non-login mode. You can use the server provided by this software and you can also use your own server. If you have a foreign IP (IP that can be directly accessed on the Intranet), you can use non-login mode. No external network IP, you can use the server (a computer rented from afar, it can be a LINUX system), you can also use non-login mode.4, the software will not obtain user's personal information (such as: nationality, name, phone, address, e-mail, location ... etc.), just send your encrypted information to the other party, in addition to the necessary communication conditions (your ip Address, port, etc.)5, login mode requires registration account, login password. Because there is no account, you can't tell other people to send you information. This account has nothing to do with your personal information. It can be any string. No password can not determine the unique account6, if you forget the account number or login password, I can't do anything because I don't know any of your contact information, let alone verification of the account number. You can register again.7. The current software supports Android version 4.1-7.0 (16-24), which can run normally on the Android native system. There may be some custom model images that cannot be displayed and videos cannot be displayed.8, the software requires 6 permissions: network, recording, camera, read and write, vibration. System settings. Need to agree to network permissions, for networking. Need to agree to vibration permissions, used to record video sounds. Need to agree to recording permissions, with To record and send voice, you need to agree to the camera permissions, for recording and sending video, you need to agree to the recording and reading and writing permissions, used to save the communication information in the local. Need to agree to the system settings permission, used to set the network to the system, recording, camera, Read and write, shake.9, the software source code is open, you can see it is any work, get the permissions to do what specific work. You can download it from gubhut, download it from the official website, or compile the source code yourself.10. Local history text information is encrypted and stored using a random AES key. Local history pictures, audio, video are not encrypted. If you delete the local information, the information will be permanently deleted. You should do a backup in advance.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.15
Operating System Android
System Requirements None