Secure Swiss Encrypted Email

Protect your privacy on the go with our mobile app for end-to-end encrypted emails.Secure Swiss Data Email App for Android lets you send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails to Secure Swiss Data users. You can also send and receive emails from any other email clients.The intuitive interface enables you to easily use the power of encryption on your mobile device to secure your email communications.With this beta version of the (Secure Swiss Email) app you can:- Register for a Secure Swiss Data account and get your PGP (public and private) keys automatically created- Send/receive end-to-end encrypted emails to/from Secure Swiss Data Users- Send/receive emails to/from non-Secure Swiss Data users- Organize emails in folders- Save email addresses to a device contacts list and lookup a contact when creating an emailAny email received/sent via Secure Swiss Data software is stored in an encrypted fashion.How does Secure Swiss Data protect your communications:- We use a safe end-to-end PGP encryption to protect your email communications- We have two levels of security questions. The questions provide two-factor authentication that is hard to hack even if a device is lost or stolenZero Knowledge:- We don't have access to your private encryption key- We can't decrypt your encrypted emails, read them nor scan for keywords- Secure Swiss Data can't and will never put you under surveillance to sell your data or profile details, and there will be no advertisementsSwiss Level of privacy protection:- Our servers are located in a former military bunker buried deep in the Swiss Alps- Swiss legislation and neutrality help avoid unlawful access to your dataSupport:- Our support team will provide you with all necessary information andwill solve any issues you might have- To contact Support, email us at support@secureswissdata.comSecure Swiss Data brings back the forgotten feeling of confidence and protection that your communication and data won't be read, sold or analyzed by anyone.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.8
Operating System Android
System Requirements None