In The Dark App

Are you missing vital emails and texts when you are in the dark? The ability to send and receive texts and emails in any dark setting has finally arrived on the Android network. The concept is user friendly and does not require a new messaging system. If you are currently using a Yahoo, Gmail, or Windows email account, In The Dark App is a must. Recently upgraded with HTML compatibility!With one touch of the app icon, you activate In The Dark App as the lights are turned off or are turned down. This app immediately places your device in vibrate mode to respond to incoming phone calls and all incoming texts and emails are viewed in a dark screen with light coloured text (This is the reverse of a typical display setting). You now have the ability to send and receive SMS texts and plain text emails with greater privacy and in real time. Customize your personal settings for text size, text font, text colour, and degree of screen exposure. This app automatically syncs to your Smartphone's contact lists and allows for a personalized email signature. Once the lights are turned back on, your device's back key exits the app allowing vibrate mode to remain activated. One touch of the volume key exits vibrate mode. For your convenience, all sent emails and sent SMS texts while In the Dark App are copied in your email sent folder and native SMS messaging system.In The Dark App operates on the Android 2.1 Operating System or higher in the following 27 languages:Arabic Czech Danish Dutch Urdu English Finnish French German GreekHindi Hebrew Indonesian Italian JapaneseKorean Polish Portuguese Russian SpanishSwedish Tagalog Thai Turkish UkrainianVietnamese Chinese (Simplified)Developer's site:
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