It should be easy to say what you want. With DoTell, it is.DoTell is a fast, simple tool for kids with language challenges to communicate what they want -- and what they don't.In addition to the DoTell Basic functionality, this version includes restores from backups and no limit on the number of tiles.THOSE TELLING - Simplicity: Easy to find and select motivators, even with fine motor difficulties - Immediate response: minimizing motor plan complexity - Multi-sensory: Visual and auditory reinforcement - Minimize frustration: no accidental rearranging or deleting of motivatorsTHOSE LISTENING - Simple to customize as your child's motivators change and grow - Easy to navigate; spend less time finding the right page and more time responding to what your child tells you - Excellent for grandparents, respite care, sitters, etc. who may not be as familiar with your child's preferencesIn many verbal conversations, exchanges are fast. You say something; I respond. You respond to me and so on. We exchange our ideas nearly simultaneously. When our exchanges aren't simultaneous, it changes what we have to say and how we say it.DoTell's goal is to minimize that lag, and give kids with communication challenges an easy tool to quickly communicate simple, highly-motivating ideas.DoTell aims to fill the gap between physical prompting -- pointing, for instance, or taking your caretaker's hand and bringing them to what you want -- and complex, feature-rich communication devices.
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