Hyper-Reach Launch

Note: This app is for cities/counties/businesses to send alerts and NOT for citizens to receive them.The Hyper-Reach Launch mobile app enables Hyper-Reach customers to quickly, easily and securely create and send emergency alerts and other messages from their phone, tablet or other mobile device. Hyper-Reach is a cloud-based mass emergency notification system used by public safety officials, emergency managers and others throughout the US.Hyper-Reach Launch uses a highly-intuitive user interface that is optimized for the small screens of mobile devices, while providing everything a communicator needs to effectively reach ten, ten thousand or ten million people quickly and easily. Only customers of Hyper-Reach will be able to use this app, which requires user credentials obtained through a Hyper-Reach account. The Hyper-Reach Launch app is not designed for use by the general public. Hyper-Reach Launch provides for messages by phone, text, e-mail, social media and much more. Recipients can be selected by lists, groups or geography, using maps, addresses or pre-defined jurisdictions. And messages can contain voice, text and images - even video. Stored templates and geography provide for quick message creation, or messages can be created on-the-fly from scratch. Hyper-Reach Launch supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish and other languages when required. Once created and launched, Hyper-Reach messages are disseminated to and sent from the Hyper-Reach network, the most robust, secure and failure-resistant emergency messaging platform in the US, with unlimited scalability, unlimited backup and unmatched security, to reach both small and large groups of people as quickly as technologically possible.
Operating System Android