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SpeakUp, as the name itself suggests, is a mobile application where consumers can voice their complaints or provide suggestions and feedback for a company, product or service be it a Ministry,a hospital or a food joint as a consumer.With SpeakUp we aim to revolutionize the age hold complaint redressal system by leveraging Social media which is now rapidly evolving as a one stop response channel/medium for organizations. (For eg: #Twitterseva adopted by various government departments)Through SpeakUp:1) You may register your complaint or feedback with ease.2) Contact any organization - be it a restaurant like Domino's, a bank like SBI or utility services like Telecom, PAN card etc.3) Voice your opinion by using our simple audio recording feature 4) Not just register grievances, but take a step further and provide valuable suggestion and compliments which further inspires the service operator.5) Your message gets directed automatically to organizations' multiple channels like E-mail, Twitter etc.We cover a wide range of organisations/service providers across different sectors and categories.SpeakUp is owned by Dhwani Rural Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. We would love to connect with you. Reach us at and follow us on twitter @SpeakUpIN
Operating System Android